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Advising Businesses

We advise prospective and current business owners with respect to operating and structuring their businesses in the most tax efficient, creditor protected, and profitable manner possible through the selection and formation of the appropriate legal entities to hold their real estate and business interests.  One of our principal goals is to anticipate problems that may occur and then provide counsel as to how they can be avoided or at least minimized. 

We prepare buy-sell agreements that protect the business from creditors of the business owners and provide for an orderly transition in the event of the death of an owner or a sale of an owner's business interest.  We also coordinate our clients' estate and business plans to have a smooth and tax efficient transfer of the business to lower generations.  In the event all or a portion of the business is to be sold or transferred, our carefully designed plans ensure that our clients' business and estate planning objectives are met regardless of whether the transfer is to an unrelated party, surviving spouse, child, grandchild, or charity.

Joslyn & Vernon, P.C.
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