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Trust and Estate Administration

The firm provides trustees and personal representatives, whether corporate trust departments or individuals, with knowledgeable and practical advice and services regarding the administration of trusts and estates and the fulfillment of their fiduciary obligations.  These include -

                   Maintaining records and accounts of trust and estate activities

                      Preparing and furnishing annual trust and estate accountings
                      Complying with probate court rules and procedures as well
                                        as federal, state, and local tax laws

                         Communicating with heirs, devisees, and beneficiaries

                                            Handling claims of creditors

                                       Holding and transferring real estate

                 Operating, winding down, terminating, and selling business entities

                      Hiring, managing, and discharging employees, professionals,
                                                      and contractors

In addition, for over 35 years, the firm's senior attorney, Robert B. Joslyn, has acted as a trustee of over 100 irrevocable trusts.  These trusts have ranged in size up to $100,000,000 of assets that have included securities, all forms of closely held business interests, domestic and foreign real estate, oil and gas interests, insurance, various forms of personal property (airplanes, farm and ranch equipment, livestock, art and gun collections, etc.), and claims against third parties.

Joslyn & Vernon, P.C.
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